May 10, 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Let’s { P A U S E } together at this potent time as we use both Mercury Retrograde to our advantage in Taurus & Gemini with Jupiter entering Aries til Winter Solstice. This time is a redo and reassess of the your life in the micro and the world as the macro. You maybe attracted to this power workshop for some change you are going through as a lot of fragility is bubbling to the surface as things get real. You may want to do this Radical Miracles to send energy to Ukraine, Antarctica, Yemen or just our beautiful planet. Join me as we radically connect to transmute the consciousness through us and by us.

Injoying is not about enjoying what is convenient, enjoying the parties, the celebrations but being in IT together choosing the small joys, the celebrating the tiny victories that present themselves or allow in. We are going in for 21 days, three weeks of getting radical with our mindset to live in the world we visioneer. Your intimate belief is so personal that the ESSENCE of its knowing is the fabric of our own unique beingness. You carry it within your heart and your mind working in unison that produces radical miracles unexplainable, mindblowing and sometime overhwhelming.

We are going to get radically sharp with our belief, keeping the faith and trusting in whatever it is you are going to be bringing to this party while collapsing what needs to be left behind with Dynamic Tapping. I am extremely fortunate for those I have worked with over them years that have shared their own unique belief, their radical connection and knowings that got them through and got them to where they are now not matter how bizarre or weird – they owned it.  Are you ready to get laser focused.

Our belief in each other, our belief in humanity, our belief in our world becoming the miracle we wish to see in the world. Each Tuesday we will bring our beliefs, experiences and what foils its consistency to be Dynamic Tapping away any doubts to discover the radical miracles we can create collectively, together. This is an energetic experiential workshop that is only as effective as the miracles we bring in our hearts that have no logically sense but an intuitive compulsive knowing fueling them. You may be the only one in your group of friend/families able to hold this vibration right now so its on you to be that as lighthouses dont all group together. It only takes one of you to bring by osmosis the joy of miracles to others by just being that vibration for those around you that maybe in rough waters this month.