October 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
On Zoom

screen-shot-2021-10-01-at-12-19-49-amJoin me for a very special All Hallows Eve commonly known as Samhain, the Celtic honoring of the ancestors. Samhain is the Celtic Festival and means summers end and prepares us for the last harvest. Samhain marks the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”. The honoring of the ancestors is as old as time itself, as Día de los Muertos was as difficult to extinguish as Samhain Festival as the ancestors prevailed. The honoring of the ancestors connects us with our DNA, the sum of our part,s those that love us for all times. Our feast is a dumb supper where a place for the ancestor is laid at the table, we pour a libation into the earth where they rest as it is at this time the veil is thin. Nature begins to retreat, to rest, to sleep as the last of the Harvest is gathered.

We take stock of the fruits of our harvest, our labors and intentions. We reassess what has worked well, and what must be dis-guarded for lesson learned. Knowing the lay of the land, surveying the horizon to adapt new methods or refined creations for the seeding once again. This is the moment of ceremony to be intune with our ancestors, to listen with our hearts and clear any limitations and blockages coming from generational patterns. We are so blessed to have the freedoms, the connectivity, the opportunities to collapse those mindsets that strangled our loved ones. Famines, tragedies, traumas and harsh times through centuries of warranted fears of tyrants and overlords.

We will open our ceremony with our connection to the ancestors while lighting our white candles and offering white flowers (lilies, roses or carnations) for their love for us. You may know your ancestors and may already have a list of things to clear, dissolve for them that is showing up for you or dense energy to be dissipated for them, for you and for any children you may bring forth in their future. I look forward to open this Celtic Wheel to honor all your trees as we connect deep to the roots that connect us all.

~ Your Ancestor’s limitations Releasing
~ Traumas or blockages related to disguised fears
~ Potential Diminishing and Hiding Banished
~ Cease Killing your dream
~ Cutting the chords of feudal systems