February 11, 2023 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Everywhere on Zoom

Choosing you Workshop

Saturday Feb 11th, 4pm pst

“Self-love begins in the radical act of self-acceptance but first you have get real honest with yourself” – Patti Penn

Choosing you can be a radical act of acceptance but when you do it is a return to joy. Sometimes a rebellious one when those around you invest in your agreeability, your need for validation or the pick me energy that disconnections you from your joyful value.

The power structures are being dismantled and the quicker you get ahead of choosing you rather than waiting to be chosen the better. Jostling for position and looking for favor is at the core of being disconnected energetically from yourself. People can read it because it’s a vibe, a vibe that comes from generations of survival of the fittest rather than inner joy.

To walk into that interview, pitch, audition, and dating choosing joyfully you outcreates the need for boundaries. When you choose you joyfully that is the energetic shield that magnifies with a natural effect of repelling those wishing to use, diminish or lure you away from your joy that is you. The collective buy in to the lure of comparison and competition that feeds the insecurities, the not enoughness or desparado energy no one can hide firstly has to be recognized to collapse or maybe just maybe it controls behaviors.

We will be connecting to our heart center to strengthen our inner joyful wiring while identifying universal beliefs designed to disconnect you choosing you. Humor is a heart centered vibration as we identify the laughable mindsets still today circulating these notions today that maybe more insidious. Our own self-betrayal is at the core of these programs through Dynamic Tapping we recognize and admit what fears and disconnection buy in still today.