September 22, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
The Cornucopia Mindset to your Harvest Life
Sept 22, 2pm – 4pm

When fullness is taken from fullness, Fullness still remains. All this is full. All that is full. From fullness, fullness comes.–  Isha Upanishad

The cornucopia, the harvest or horn of plenty, are all ancient symbols of the eternal spiral the nowness of abundance, good-fortune, and a bountiful harvest of food. To in-vision and imagineer abundance can take deliberate work for many as cultural, societal and even family inherited limited beliefs around health, happiness, abundance, money, ideas, innovation;
can be both limiting or blocked

For twenty years I have worked with those seeking abundance in all its forms from those given a terminal diagnosis wanting for health, those alone searching for love, to creatives/entrepreneurs imagineering multinationals, festivals, films, small businesses to non-profits. Abundance in all it’s forms must first remove all the illusions of separation that produces lack and scarcity mindsets, unconscious insecurities and concealed inferiorities in so many; and what better time to do this that Fall Equinox.

First things first, the recognition that chasing what you thought was going to make you happy is the cognition you have been asking for. You are many unafraid of what is behind the big scary door, or in the basement of your psyche as living unfulfilled is not enough in this lifetime. The willingness to open said doors with a group of individuals willing to be vulnerable, willing to admit there is something they are not seeing is a privilege we get to dismantle with each other.

What is never factored in is that it’s relatively easy to manifest what you want but its having the energetic bandwidth to receive without short-circuiting the physical body or sabotaging just to be freed from being inJOY. When we work energetically the shift can be small but life changing in the physical world. As your empty ambitions, unreasonable fears and concealed insecurities that limit your choices and instilled habits begin to dismantle or dissolve; the true you begins to emerge. A vibrational unwavering living faith in action magnetizes the experiences you could never know dream or imagineer as they evolve from that unknown place willing to be liberated.

Space will be limited, as a questionnaire will be sent prior to class. This questionnaire will be sent back at least 48 hours prior to class by all recipients. The hours to correlate, tune in to each person’s personal energetic needs and arrange in a cohesive outline for the group dynamic to optimize their experience hinges on those focused and willing to be fully present and transparent. This is not a workshop for workshop tourists but a dynamic peeling all the layers of the onion to be in the heart of the core you, you came here to be.

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