August 8, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
& In Person
LIONSGATE LIGHTCODES Ceremony & Workshop @ Zoom

There is a powerful portal known as the Lionsgate between July 26-August 12th that you probably already felt or feel. The light codes can be peaking your energy or highlighting your circuitry needs a upgrade as you feel like the batteries are draining in your system quickly. Lionsgate’s peak potency is August 8th for us to be in in our sacred ceremony together between 4-6pm for this immense alignment.

This energetic portal aligns with Sirius and Orion’s belt that align with the pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Sirius is our spiritual son, the largest neon blue star in the Earths sky and twenty six times larger than our own sun. wee will amping up and expanding our energy twenty-six times for us to be the vessel of receptivity for the next year incoming. This gateway to the heavens within yourself to be the prosperous light-bearer we came here to be is aligning opportunities-knocking but we have to calibrate to its intense energy. The metamorphosis rebirth is here but your going to have to become the smoothie or maybe you already are all out of game. So lets do it the easy way in a workshop rather than the hard way with a life lesson trying to make us transform. This is a moment of pure opportunity to be courageous, be heart opened, be true to your passions, your ideas and live your authentic truth in the face of all your excuses and pandering to what others think. This acceleration is for those that know they are ready, ready for an upgrade as synchronicities have been frequent. Your DNA activation code is inter-generational as sometimes those limitations aren’t just yours but ancestral glass-ceiling we all have to deconstruct.

Time to roar with your claim as all the ancestors support and guide you to your way in that they could only dream of.
-Beginning with our intention to accept the messages we have been ignoring by owning our fears and identifying the failures ceiling.
-Connecting to the Spirit of your ancestors and calibrating to ta higher more expanded consciousness with seamless integration to our body
-Dynamic Tapping of any generational limitations through stream of consciousness holding you back
-Spontaneous stream of consciousness
Going to the beyond the filed passed the vision into a deep O consciousness meditation and calibrating to that knowing and owning already is aligning you with your conviction
-Sealing our practice with a cellular cycle upgrade to energize and magnetize with abandoned enthusiasm what is ritefully yours.

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