August 8, 2021 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

Each year as we move into the sign of Leo, an alignment occurs for us to spiral through the vortex of. This annual upgrade occurs no matter your frequency for the Earth and Sun aligning with Sirius. This alignment is synonymous with the Great Pyramids of Giza and of course the Sphinx. Last year screen-shot-2021-07-30-at-10-20-21-pmthere was a disruption in the energy when 22 of the Royal Mummies were moved, those that watched the elaborate procession could feel the shift in energy. I visited the Royal Mummies in Cairo in 27 years ago and the energy they hold here on Earth is palatable when you visit.

This alignment is known as the Lion’s Gate portal or vortex usually occurring between July 26-August 12th with the peak potency on August 8th.  Since August 2020 the Lion energy has been significant for Pause inJOY as it revealed itself closing Ani Pereira-Sekhon’s Masters with Pause inJOY. The Lion is courage from the seed of coeur meaning the heart and we really are getting to the heart of the matter with our humanity harmonizing. This Lion’s heart energy of strength, compassion but mostly freedom that you haven’t even tapped into is significant.

This alignment with Sirius as our spiritual sun (26x our Sun) its high frequency bombardment of light codes that interact with the organism we call Earth as well as shifting the biofield of our own bodies. Sirius is the spiritual sun of our galaxy which has for thousands of years been considered a powerful transmitter of higher frequencies that activate an elevation of consciousness at an accelerated rate. This magical portal to other realms lines up once a year when the Sun, the giver of life and the Earth the nurturer of life line up over the pyramid of Giza with the star Sirius and Orion’s belt. This acceleration is for those that know they are ready but feel stuck, they know they need to upgrade the system as it already happening, or they know preparation meets opportunity.Sirius is the spiritual son and gateway to the heavens within yourself to be the prosperous light-bearer we came here to be. It is a time to re-calibrate to that energy with no more ifs or buts about it and sometimes it takes a metamorphosis rebirth for that to happen so lets do it the easy way in a workshop than the hard way in a life lesson. This is a moment of pure opportunity to be courageous, be heart opened, be true to your passions, your ideas and live your authentic truth in the face of all your excuses and pandering to others limitation of your activation.

Time to activate the Lion Heart within in accordance with the Spiritual Consciousness.

  • Opening ceremony to honor the Lion of God
  • Creating clear intentions that connect sincerely for our highest good and transformation
  • Allow the silently celebratory trine of these intentions to be seeds through breathwork
  • Stuck energy cleansed and eliminated as we Dynamically Tap into our own DNA tin accordance with these upgraded light codes
  • The Power of breath to activate the heart center as we tune in and align with Sirius meditation
  • A cellular cycle upgrade as we activate dormant DNA bringing us into a truer alignment with self.

To prepare for this webinar, please make sure you are undisturbed for at least two hours, be comfortable. Sit at a place where you are able to sit with your spine erect as comfortably as possible. If you are unable to sit due to pain or discomfort, lying down is recommended.





This alignment is thought to generates a high frequency energy that activates what’s known as the Lion’s Gate portal which peaks on 8/8 – 8th August. Sirius is the spiritual sun of our galaxy which has for thousands of years been considered a powerful transmitter of higher frequencies that activate an elevation off consciousness at an accelerated rate.Sirius’ energy catalyses dramatic new beginnings in those who are ready, as the infusion of spiritual light sweeps us over the threshold into a new way of perceiving and being.When Sirius is close, it showers Earth with light codes that interact with the organic nature on Earth, and shifts the biofield of our bodies. This has the potential to accelerate the way our body metabolises light starts a cellular level which has the potential to activate dormant DNA.

If you’re on the path of ascension or simply doing inner work, there is a greater stream of consciousness compelling you to enter the portal of your heart and embody more unconditional love, for yourself, others and the entire universe.

It is a time to contemplate our interconnected to the cosmos and that we are embodied star beings, all here to contribute to the magical act of co -creating reality through the sacred act of transforming consciousness.

We all have the power to alchemise lower frequencies into higher energy through the conscious reinterpretation of our thoughts and emotions. Now is the time to live from a connected instead of competitive consciousness. Now is the time to recognise the very potent potential we have to effect change in this world.

Although this happens every year, 2020 is a particularly important year. We have already experienced huge energetic shifts and changes in the collective due to the pandemic and subsequent consequences. Although it has been tragic and destabilising, the reorganisation if energy, systems and institutions has allowed us all to take stock of what is of greatest importance. It has permitted us the pause we have so desperately needed to assess what our innermost values are in life. It has opened the door to deconstruct our lives in order that they may be built to be congruent with our soul.

Lionsgate will compel all to become more aware of their intentions, to connect to their cosmic conscience and to look past the ego. We are here to be challenged to live from a place of unconditional love and understanding for all beings and take care of Mother Earth.

We are being called to activate our spiritual courage, stand firm in our soul, and devote ourselves to activating the sacred perception of our esoteric heart. It is a time to dive deeper into our inner work in order to accelerate our ascension process, personally and collectively.

This energy offers a container of transformation that is shifting the cosmic ether. Our thoughts, words and actions are mystical tools of transformation. They can be weapons used for good or of evil. This is the time to check yourself, and ensure you’re being responsible for the energy you’re emitting and contributing to the cosmos. Ensure you’re operating for the spiritual benefit of the greater good and not operating just for your own gain.

The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy is about aligning to your heart and living a life centred on unconditional love. This portal will propel you into an uncomfortable, but necessary, acceleration of spiritual expansion— if you allow it. It will have you questioning things and redesigning your life to be in alignment with your soul rather than ego. We will be pushed to let go of whatever isn’t serving our highest and best evolution, whether that’s disharmonious relationships, outmoded ways of thinking, or the habit to underestimate our divine potential. We are all progressing to an epic spiritual reinvention point.

It’s important to remind you however that although this alchemical transformation times is exciting and leads to positive movement in soul growth it can also be a difficult transition period. Make space for silence, stillness, contemplation and meditation. Create inner and outer calm so the higher frequencies can be integrated and take affect at the deepest level. Hydrate, slow down, masticate your food properly, breath consciously, detox from technology, social media, listen to nourishing music, be creative and in connection with nature. You have a golden Lion’s Gate permission slip to go inwards and enter the portal of your cosmic heart!

As the Gate flings wide open, journal and get clear about what habits and patterns need to change, what needs purging and healing, what needs the light of loving awareness in order to dissolve back into the light? Write what it is you need to do to enhance your personal process of inner transformation. Contemplate yourself as ‘soul’ and connect and commune with the Divine to support you to more deeply embody your own inner divinity. Then, consider how you can use your the power of your own heart, mind and body and gifts to consciously accelerate a new paradigm of love in the world.

You are a limitless being, an infinite soul that is here on Earth to grow and evolve in order to contribute to the sustainability of Mother Earth and the balance of the Cosmos as a whole. THAT is how significant you are here.