September 9, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
& In Person

Mabon is the Harvest festival of ancient Celtic, the seven regions. A time of rest to acknowledge the fruits, and what may be done differently for next year. This is the time of honoring Nature, the Green Man of the forest but as we also witness the devastation of climate change on world crops to the destruction of grains in Ukraine we must all find our own way to harmonize. Where can we do better for this next cycle in our life? Where can we be grateful for our own abundance in life and share that with the others.  It is virtually impossible to look away from glaciers melting in Switzerland to floods in Pakistan for us to know we are all in this together. We live in a body that is self-regulating as we live on an organism we call Earth that is also self-regulating, when we are not in harmony we overheat, we short circuit, we become foggy and it is time to harmonize ourselves or we will know what occurs, its just happening quicker than before.

Our Reiki Circles are for ALL whether you are a practitioner of Reiki or just in-joy receiving some well-needed boosts, restoring and shifts of energy to the heart center. Patti brings the Pause in Joy philosophy alive bringing her own lineage of neolithic Celtic circles to create a vortex of energy for us all to feast upon. Take what you need and cast away what doesn’t serve you, embrace what you know must go and incarnate the life in this life you came here to live. The circle is in two parts, the first half Patti will guide us into Spiritual Conscious Energy through her unique connection to go into the heart of matter. Each person will receive a heart Reiki healing attunement to tune you into your own courage, your own wholeheartedness, your own bravery and your own abundance as we reactivate your body’s natural intelligence to heal, to expand and to become

Each circle produces an expression of all those that have gathered with its own frequency everyone can use to receive epiphanies, a deep sense of connection, an inner peace, a lightness, a blessing or the ability to stay longer pausing in your Joy. The second half is a blending of all our energies to together to send energy out to the world for all those going through a tough time, all those taking their leaps of faith and to everyone in need of a moment of clarity or connection. Please bring your photos of those you wish to send energy to, to projects we wish to infuse, to places you wish the energy to fill and to share our collective energy together as conscious collective beings in communion with Spirit.

Please find a quiet peaceful space, turn off cell phones and honor this sacred space by not moving rooms, or be mobile as it is distracting to others on zoom.

Zoom link sent on registration.