November 18, 2023 @ 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
VAGUS NERVE Superpower @ Zoom
Stimulation of Vagus Nerve Workshop
November 18th,  2-3.33pm PST

Our body parasympathetic nervous system has many buttons but our chill-out button is the vagus nerve. I talk about this nerve in depth at { P A U S E } inJOY Level as it is the communication phoneline between out gut-hunch response and intuition. I have worked with people for over twenty years that have build business, launched platforms, innovated new systems and expanded their worlds to benefit others. Having that clear channel between our mind and gut isnt just about having great gut health with probiotics but a clear line of communication that creates a chill response rather than frenetic survival responses. You know, what its like when you make decisions or interact from frantic overwhelm rather than a chill response so no better time than now to get those cortisol levels down.

The vagus nerve not only regulates digestion and your heart but also your breathing rate. When it’s activated, it will temper your physiological stress response, allowing a feeling of calm to wash over you. We are going to doing some of these exercises and when I say exercises of vagus nerve stimulation, they too are pretty chill. When our body knows we are doing things for it to keep it regulated it works like clockwork but when we run on empty we begin to short-circuit the entire system.

– Learning ancient yogic breathwork Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath)
– Eye yoga with chill movement
– Stimulation of vagus nerve to key acupressure point in the chest to lympathically drain.
– Vocal Vagal Toning to open the creativity of the throat
– Key ayurvedic massage to release energy through marma points and tapping
– Gentle classic estorative yoga to activate the yin energy and balance any overactive yang

What you will need : Two pillows or yoga bolster, water, eat two hours before this workshop, pillow or cushion and a quiet space. We are going to have fun so let inJOY pressing all our buttons in a joyful way.

ZOOM :  Zoom link sent on registration.