August 8, 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
& In Person
LIONSGATE Ceremony & Workshop @ Zoom

Sandwiched between two Super-moons the Lions-gate portal will prove fiercer than ever to level up our consciousness and execute things at superhuman speed. You maybe feeling discombobulated but when you know it is an intense time, the off quilter is an opportunity to acclimatize to this new vibration.  This powerful Lions-gate portal opens between July 26-August 12th which you probably already felt or feel building in Venus Retrograde. The peak potency is August 8th for us to be in our sacred ceremony together between 3.30 pm-5 pm for this immense alignment. Intentionally Aligning with our Spiritual Sun, Sirius, which is 26 times larger than our Sun. The magical portal to other realms lines up once a year when Sirius and Orion’s belt align over the pyramid of Giza on the Earth. This acceleration is for those who know they are ready for an upgrade as synchronicities are frequent and your DNA code activation is inter-generational.

Sirius is the spiritual son and gateway to the heavens within us to be the prosperous light-bearer we came here to be. This is an opportunity to be courageous, be heart opened, be true to your passions, and your ideas, and live your authentic truth in the face of all your excuses and pandering to others why not to? Time to roar with your claim as all the ancestors support and guide you to the way that they could only dream of.

  • Beginning with a clear intention to open your heart to what Sirius is revealing specifically for your needs to be met.
  • Connecting to the Spirit of your ancestors to assist in this vision.
  • Dynamic Tapping in to the information  streaming through the consciousness for your decompression.
  • Going beyond what you thought was possible.
  • Sealing our open-heart with a cellular upgrade to magnetize the current upgrade til the end of the cycle taking us to 2024.

To prepare for this webinar, please ensure you are undisturbed for our time together, and be comfortable. Bring a bottle of water, something sweet, fruit or candy as this is going to take some glucose.

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