March 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
THE { P A U S E } in S A C R E D Intuition @ Zoom

What if our intuition is our north star whispering unlikely routes that more often than not go ignored. Perhaps it is because we have taken the word S A C R E D away from intuition and made it like a whimsical carnival act. Each of us have experienced it, followed it, ignored it but we all have it whether we like it or not. For twenty years working with those going through immense trials in their life, the heightened intuition that navigates that treacherous terrain can also be in our own life without the minefield forcing us to connect. In preparation for our Strawberry SuperMoon we are going to rewire the system, upgrading the electrics and turn up the power to illuminate whatever it is guiding you and to get rid of you mistrust that doesn’t engage.

We waste so much time waiting, looking for validation and permission that sometimes the idea or innovation chooses someone else. O, did no one mention that, that the idea sometimes has an expiration date and goes finding another host. Our intuition is what guides us out of the fog and through the chaos we find ourselves in right now. They say, great pilots never learn from good weather but in the storms they navigate and have we had a foggy storm or what. i have guided many through storms in peoples lives from launches platforms, litigation, business mergers, navigating cancer, depression, extortion, and just about any and all things you can imagine. Connecting to yourself first and giving yourself that permission is key to your journey but first you need to admit that their is a withholding and deep seeded mistrust to surrender to that knowing.  You see, the intuition never says, here go this way its easy. The intuition mostly says, go this way – I know it’s really scary but its the best way and you can collapse all your stuff along the way with Patti.

That’s right, once your intuition calls in that person it believes can take you all the way then you are fearless and unstoppable. The gut always tells you but are you faithful to your own gut or is all the undeserving and excuses talking you out of it. Only you know but sometimes you are so convincing, such a good actor, that you talk yourself out of it through reason and practicality that it derails the momentum. Ask yourself if you have more ideas that  never get followed through on and the answer is clear.  If you have read this far, you know in your gut whether or not to sign up!

+ Establish the trust with Self
+ Mend any core programs that have been corrupted through ancestral traumas
+ Remove any obstacles inhibiting that unique connection
+ Opening all forms of communication with the intuition and reestablishing gut=brain connection through Vagus Energetic ReConnection Flow