You need to let it go

How many times have you heard this statement you need to let it go. It is the chant of the many who feel they have uncovered the answer to your torment but letting go is easier said than done. The role of our subconscious is to protect our survival and ultimately store the past events as a reminders Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.51.01 AMof harm for future dangers. Our anger, our sadness, our resentments are our measuring cup of the pain we believe is our story; which becomes our identity; which becomes our dis-ease and ultimately becomes our prisoner. We hold on to justice in our emotions towards the culprit responsible but we have been blinded by our hatred, our sadness, our anger, our bitterness and our injustices as we forgot our negative emotions are a virus corrupting our own system.

Dynamic essence of this form of tapping is not in the tapping itself but the willingness to go there. A lot of the time we skirt around issues not wanting to tap on the core negative disruption deliberately. Other times we gently excavate aspects, traumas and issues as our own energy avoids and sometimes represses core betrayals, pain, hurt and sadness as it is too painful to go there. As more people realize their own unresolved aspects and issues filter living full liberated lives managing problems, traumas or limitations is no longer in cards. Dynamic Tapping is that key to your inspiration of self, works when nothing else does, with no drugs, no equipment, can be self administered and is long lasting.