PiJOY Reiki Master Teacher

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Starts: 07 February, 2017
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Instructors: Reiki Patti
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028b59d4-0a1a-41cc-bac4-ea9fffa4b8f3WALKING YOUR DHARMA

This inner journey home to you is an epic adventure that now goes beyond what you can see. Our full circle back to the beginning of why you came here is the treasure we all get to experience from you. In the beginning there was the individual processing, then the connections that were relative to the story you told taking us deeper into the house of mirrors to finally to turn the lead to gold. This course of action you chose has revealed the the game of hide and seek, the energetic diminishing and entanglements designed to for you to waste your content.

Now that you have become the knower and own your mission here any resistance to your own  liberated to be, or not to be is distinguished now. There is no set itinerary for Masters as this experience will be designed specifically for your karma yet to burn, your energy yet to surrender and your final alignment to the O-Zone.

There will be specific tasks for you to begin at least 30 days prior to the class but there will be a specific cleanse and meditation to practice to prepare the pineal gland for the final attunement by your {P A U S E} inJOY Reiki Master. Please do not inquire unless all six commitments of circles have been given. Please inquire if you feel ready to begin the process beginning with 33 Contemplative Questions and a practical run through of all attunements, Psychic surgery, all symbols, kotodama, precepts, mudita meditation completion and how you deepened the sincerity of your energy practice.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MASTER TEACHER: Class duration 10am – 4pm, 3 days.

  • Scheduled meeting to discuss the next steps
  • Certification on completion of practical test of all aspects this course
  • Once you have completed your commitments to either your Teacher or your own community the extension to teach from this course is by invitation only.
  • A pre-cleanse to prepare for the Master Attunement at least 30 days before.