It is the unknowable moment that is different in every human being, “why was this the time to change, to shift and to take the leap of faith?” And the answer is always the same, “because it was time!” Patti’s unique unpacking protocol developed over 20 years carefully and mindfully maps out the session for you both to utilize your time together effectively.

This deep excavation, de-layering and unpacking process is for those that have already identified their patterns, recognize their repetitive scenarios and are ready to “go there” in their personal traumas contributing to behaviors, limitations, dis-ease or a diagnosis.

Patti’s intensive email exchange with each participant may take a few days, weeks or months depending on the participants own self-inquiry, thus far. Some participants know exactly the conception of their behaviors, their patterns and proclivities as well as the fears/rage/resentments or PTSD running or managing their life. Others are newer to this process and may need more time to unpack or perhaps even attend therapy before the dynamic tapping process. Each individual knows what they need to collapsed and eliminate that is essentially holding them back or blocking their life. But sometimes it is harder to admit than people realize.

Knowing you are ready to “go there” is a deeply spiritual and personal space that Patti meets you in, in your own time – not hers.  This is a very intimate and sacred space thus appointments must be made by those participating in the 90 minute session unless the person is incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.

The initial intake for a Dynamic Tapping session includes an extensive email exchange with Patti directly. This is to establish if the participant is indeed ready and intentionally willing to go there – there being that place that everyone know but sometimes ignores, represses or numbs out.  The unpacking of the session is a gathering of history, repetitive patterns, conscious and often unconscious limitation creating the blueprint for the work together. This ensures your time with Patti is used effectively dynamically tapping on what are the key aspects to be collapsed/released rather than going over history.  Each session is 90 minutes, $350 initial session including the email exchange.

DYNAMIC ENERGY TAPPING SKYPE/ZOOM SESSION All online sessions are 90 mins, please download the apps prior to session.  Online session have the same effectiveness as all in-person sessions as Patti connects energetically to your field as you will mirror her dynamic energy tapping and by tapping on yourself following her lead. Please ensure there will be no interruptions or distractions from either phones or family in the same room during a session. Patti has performed emergency tapping session of participants in their cars, in parks, on set, locked in cupboards and at the top of mountains as she extremely adaptive in unusual circumstances. Please have tissues and water on hand as well as a notepad for anything you wish to jot down during the session.  Turn off all phones and landlines to mute. A zoom link will be sent with password, please have the camera on and tested with friends if new to this technology. Each session is 90 minutes, $350 initial session including the email exchange.

REIKI  SESSION A Rei-ki session is Spiritual Conscious Energy combined with our own individual life-force system coming back into alignment, balance or homeostasis with how we drift from our own natural alignment both mentally, physically and spiritually. A remote Reiki session is akin to this phenomenon explained in the quantum theory by what Einstein disparaged in 1927 as “spooky action at a distance”, or the instantaneous non-local collapse of the wave function to wherever the particle is detected. This entanglement within the Apiritual Conscious Energy of both Patti’s life-force and your own is a unique and extraordinary gift. The energy is sent through time and space using Patti and the particpant’s entanglement for a full astral/causal/physical treatment,. Patti has also sent this Spiritual Conscious energy to business meetings, negotiations, projects pitches, operations, mothers in labor as well as the transition of loved ones either in the present or past that may remain unresolved. Participants may either use skype/zoom or just their phone during the session. It is not only what happens on the treatment table but the 72 hours post session that begins to unravel any further restoration and re-calibration. The session is 75 minutes and $300.

For more in depth information regarding Reiki session please click here.

PAUSE INJOY STUDENT APPLICATION FORM For those that know they feel the call to deepen their connection from more than a session to being on tap Reiki for themselves, their family, friends, children and pets this is for you. You may wish more clarity in your life or an energetic deepening and awareness as a the Pause inJOY toolbox is that warranty when the creativity awakens. Your deepening of your commitment energetically polishes the intuitive guidance system, untangles your energy from others diminishing the gaslighting from yourself and others while systematically clearing all past traumas, ancestral psychic wounds, inter-generational clearings, past-life disturbances and flipping the script to invert the future/present to being more present. Due to the Pause inJOY program, its unique philosophy all students begin at Reiki I as Patti has reattuned many Reiki Masters from other lineages to find a deepening, a clearing and a fortifying of their connection.

Please download the application here and email to Owen.img_1058

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How to prepare your space? For all zoom sessions Once the session is set up, Patti sends a detailed email of what she needs at least 48 hours prior to the session, if you need more time the session is rescheduled. Eat lightly and refrain from caffeine prior, drugs or alcohol and bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration.

All appointments must be scheduled by same person participating in the session unless incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.