There are only two human emotions, love and fear. Fear being the blockage to you living your Joy. But if you can identify your fear you have a strong indicator of how to change your life. What you fear most; you attract, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy to ensure you overcome fears and expand your consciousness. Fear is the crudest of basic emotions that can either immobilizes, or motivate action. Take the fear of horses. Some may have a basic fear of a horse from an early childhood experience and others fear what a horse may represent with no direct experience. As most of people have very little contact with horses nowadays due to transportation changes in the past one hundred years, the need to overcome such a fear seems negligible. But what does it symbolize and how does this fear manifests in other areas of your life as fear does not discriminate?

– Fear of trust, of being let down and hurt.
– Fear of self, not being enough.
– Overwhelming fear of the unknown.
– Fear of not being in control.
– Fear of being exposed as the horse can see right through you.
– Fear of vulnerability and surrendering to your own ego.

What fears from the above list manifests in your life? Do you play things too safe? Do you fear being hurt? Do you relinquishing control of intimacy? Do you fear being exposed? Do you fear vulnerability? For example when a person comes face to face with a fear of a horse, the horse is an archetype for what lies beneath. Does that person need to remove their fear of a horse; no not really. They do not take a horse to work so it never really comes in to play but what if you know there is expansion behind your crazy, absurd, strange and sometimes terrifying fears. Fear does not discriminate, once you walk through the door of one fear it collapses in all aspects of your life.