“Going there” is a something everyone knows theoretically must happen to purge, to clear, to resolve, to reclaim and everyone is ready in there own time.  Patti supports participant unpacking their blueprint through an extensive exchange prior to the session in preparation to go there in the session. The dynamic energy intuits what is not said as much as what is said to allow for the shifts that are required.

The ability to explore the shadow-self judgment-free with dignity and the clarity to reveal the unknown blockage, limitation or pattern holding you back is truly transformative.

How many sessions are needed? In Patti’s experience of two decades the session depends on the participants ability and/or willingness to go there. Some are already aware and have began unpacking their blueprint through their own spiritual path but are now ready to dissolve and face, the pain, the hurt, the sadness and anger from abuse, trauma, oppression, tragedy or violence in one session. Others may exhibit a fear of spiders that uncovers an oppressed memory or experience of unresolved childhood abuse trauma and this may take a more gentle art of unlayering.

There is a very special alignment emotionally and spiritually with the soul’s decision to release pain, sadness or anger in a time that is right for you as well as choosing who to do that with.  Most participants feel guided to Patti, but ultimately they must feel ready to face the demons, the monsters of the past, the horrors censoring their choices and deep wounds contributing to dis-ease. Make no mistake, this is deep intimate work of vulnerability, love and courage and Patti has created a sacred space to meet the participant there, for the ultimate give away and transformation.

Unpacking The unpacking is a preparation for the dynamic energy tapping through an extensive email exchange with Patti to layout the blueprint of what you are coming with and what you want to leave without. She energetically reads your history unearthing things you may not anticipate or consider but what your heart may not be able to say in words. Patti corresponds directly with the participant due to the intimacy and depth of the work but if said participant is under 18, in hospice or incapacitated she will correspond with the guardian, or carer.

What to expect prior to the Session? Once the session time is booked participants after the extensive email exchange you may go through a god-zillion emotions from excitement, fear, thrilled, to terror and this is normal. Your subconscious already made the appointment, sent the email exchanges but is calibrating to the unknown aspects of what may occur and this is normal. Take some deep breaths, connect to your heart and be thankful you are ready to go there into this sacred safe space.

Physical Preparation for session: Ensure a good night’s sleep. Wear comfortable attire, any memories you have that resurface you have not thought of in years please email to Patti. Please eat lightly and bring a large bottle of water (preferably w/electrolytes) mostly for the drive home. Please be timely and mapquest your route to appointment. When we let go of old belief systems, limitations or break through realizations the pineal gland can dehydrate more rapidly which causes headaches and allergies.


Reiki sessions remote or in-person are 90 minutes and $300.

Dynamic Tapping session including an extensive email exchange with Patti, $350 in-person or via Zoom.

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