Executive consciousness has emerged to the fore in the past few years as selfless corporate acts lead the way. The model of excluding emotional intelligence and unawareness in an era of live streaming is now being superseded through raising consciousness in the corporations.  To trust your knowing, listen to that knowing and share your knowing with others is an environment of the future, but the future is here to pause in-joy. Corporate prosperity in all areas of retention, creative growth and joy-filled productivity in business is here to stay .

Patti Penn’s philosophy is built around the principles of learning to connect to your joy through knowing what you in-joy. Living honestly and authentically through a deep sense of trust with yourself first is crucial to connect to your team, colleagues and mentors for a  healthy mind, body and spirit. Patti facilitates exercises to access possibilities of unknown skills, reveal opportunities and realize personal dreams to become reality through joyful mindfulness.

Each participant will be invited to form a stronger connection to self-awareness, create more abundance  and learn the  consciousness bypassing the little tyrant, or saboteur holding you back from being the best you. Each person’s unique journey and energy has created the microcosm of their macro environment and when we shift in one area it shifts effortlessly in all areas, personal and business. Gone are the days when emotional intelligence is ignored rather than supported, enhanced and most of all integrated through empathetic styles of leadership, kindness and  authentic kind encouragement.

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