In the beginning there was only Pause, one word, a stillness, a beingness, a presence and duality; but all that was to change one fateful morning. Teaching Reiki as a conventional hands-on healing technique with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a psychological acupressure tapping technique was eclipsed when Joy entered between wakefulness and sleep. This  enormous O circled my little pause symbol as I recited in my unconscious dream, Why is my pause inside that O? Perplexed the image zoomed out as a smaller J and Y appeared on either side of the O. Why is my pause inside that joy? Over and over again, until I bolted upright in bed saying Pause in Joy;  I awakened.

You see it is not enough to work with all the trauma, sickness, depression, unworthiness and addictions as this is a detox of the soul.  The soul wants rehab using the Spiritual Conscious Life Force Energy (Rei-ki) as the vehicle to plug you in and turn you on to follow your bliss and live the joyful rich life you came here to experience. We have to work both ends of the spectrum cleaning and clearing limitations, beliefs systems, old pains and ancestral traumas while focusing on honoring the Joy bringer in this lifetime.  As Joseph Campbell taught us to follow our bliss as we get older we realize the pursuit of happiness is the medicinal bliss to our physical, emotional and spiritual wealth.

Building a bridge between the mind, the body and the soul of emotional intelligence, spiritual development and holistic integrative practices reconnects communities, families and each other.  Over decades Patti has integrated philosophy Celtic Healing, Rei-ki, Raja Yoga, Ayurveda, martial arts, meditation, zen and developing her own unique dynamic energy tapping to embrace your joy. Lets us not wait any longer until the dis-ease has manifested, lets prevent dis-ease, sickness, lets identify the depression before it takes hold, the neurosis before it suffocates you and fill the emptiness with the purpose of your being. Pause inJOY was born in the remembrance of your will to come here and execute the brilliance that is your birthright.

Patti has worked with Veteran’s at Serve the Warrior recover from PTSD, Grief Groups, Hollywood Woman in Crisis as well as her monthly community Circles for decades.  She delivers powerful workshops that work and is dedicated to transformation as well as one-to-one sessions to empower, launch and facilitate some of the joybringers amongst you. Los Angeles’s was Patti’s alchemy lab, the  two groups that got it were creatives who knew that if they didn’t shift there stuff it was the difference between having the career they wanted or not, and the other group were those diagnosed that knew it was the difference between living or dying.  Developing Dynamic Energy Tapping created a community of people truly ready to let it go and go there to discover their own personal empowerment.

Participants often marvel at the ease in which they release fears, limitations, blockages, pain and other debilitating behavior. With relief they ask Why didn’t I do this earlier? Patti was one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets until the Heal Documentary now on Netflix gifted her to the world as a healing through the mirror neuron effect. Her highly developed skill in energy work to bridge the physical and nonphysical – conveyed in the down-to-earth manner only a Glaswegian could get away with – brings healing and insight into people’s lives in a tangible way.