In the West, Reiki is often referred to as a healing modality much like yoga was reduced to being fitness. At { P A U S E } inJOY the attunement is for our connection to Spiritual Conscious Energy in all aspects of our life. The ability to share the energy with others is of course a honor and gift but to be able to tap into the energy in all aspect is truly transformational.

Sounds easier than it is but it is easier than you think once you give up the resistance to holding on to so many personas, obligations, dimming down, gaslighting of yourself and just be. We are not hard wired to live fully, abundantly, joyfully in our bliss without dropping the ball and that is why we need to tools to activate and sustain while building the vibration. Spiritual Consciousness Energy in union with our life-force is a magnificent sacred complex system linking internal biological systems to an innate pharmacy with mindfulness directed by your soul’s mission. You are an unique individual experience meeting your aspirations, your health, your crossroads as the emergence of your soul now decides to be, or not to be.

Science and spirituality’s dovetail our physical wellbeing is a combination of our emotional and spiritual homeostasis which included our inJOYing life. Less stress is a healthier immune system but first you must consider the stressors and how you are at their mercy. Our source code to being and healing past traumas, inherited mindsets, emotional and creative blockages are now ready to be released as we enter a new consciousness emerging through our cries.