Dynamic Tapping is a unique version of psychological acupuncture except there are no needles. Instead, key acupressure points are stimulated by gently tapping with the fingertips while tuning-in to the physical pain or emotional issue, to collapse its intensity, thus, neutralizing its existence without re-living traumatic events. The Dynamic part of this tapping is the energetic nuances, the { P A U S E} to go where you truly needed to go and unpacking the aspects with a Spiritual Consciousness to participate in your own unveiling.

Gary Craig a trained Stanford engineer and retired Personal Performance Coach fascinated by those whose lives were on track but all of a sudden would lose their game found himself signing up to learn TFT Dr. Roger Callahan. He had heard of this man that was collapsing phobias and fears in minutes let alone years. Gary was very practical because he was a trained engineer and if it did not work in the real world he was not into pursuing it. Gary with his engineering mind found TFT too complex as it set out to muscle test every acupressure point to find the correct algorithm for each individual case but he had another idea. Why not use all the acupressure points in sequence no matter what the issue, emotional or physical aspect without pinpointing the algorithm. Gary’s reasoning was if all the bulb in the back of the TV set went out, why go through each light bulb painstakingly to see which one has blown why not just change the entire pack of bulbs. Gary was not interested in getting the right acupressure points. He said lets just tap on all twelve without getting bogged down with the issue, problem or pain. Thus, EFT was born from TFT and Gary went on his way trying to get the message out to as many as possible back in the 1980’s.

The process uses a set up statement to describe and grade by intensity of your pain, anger, trauma, event, situation, limitation or belief system. As it is difficult to take a sensation or trigger from a person the grading and description into form allows the gently chipping away of the issue or aspects in the session. As the intensity falls from a ten out of ten to a zero while tapping on the key acupressure points while saying the set up statement the charge, trigger or belief in a limitation is released as the consciousness recalibrates a new perspective.

As you are neutralizing the charge in the emotions it disconnects the pathway between the emotions travelling into the physical whereby can manifest countless dis-ease and dis-harmony within the bio-energy system. This can also work on belief systems that create behavior or limiting thinking to success or happiness as inherited truths that may limit you are released. When we collapse these limiting belief systems we create abundance and joy in our life sometimes we need to continue as new ways to sabotage begin to arise.

The discovery statement of tapping is the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. That disruption is found in the energetic circuitry of the bio-energy system. Imagine you are feeling nervous the body’s energy system begins to disrupt as you hold your breath starving the brain of oxygen, or energy is held in the stomach disrupting the flow of that electrical circuitry. Now imagine someone rejecting you, the body is the first to react as they eyes widen, the breath holds and the energy becomes trapped as you further add insult to injury by pretending you are fine because you do not want the person thinking they have got to you, right? Emotions are processing, being denied and imprinted in that very moment. Over year’s resentments, unforgiveness and hatred can build tipping into the physical manifestation of ailments to central nervous system disorders. The tapping on positive statements is ultimately a delay of addressing the underbelly of what is the true issue and avoidance to owning said subconscious belief. The Buddha was correct when he said, it is like drinking poison and expecting another person to die when we hold on to our pain, anger, hatred and resentments.

Patti has been practicing Dynamic Tapping for over twenty years. It was very big in Scotland at the golf tournaments as it was taking ¾ strokes of a pro-golfers game, as they understand that any negative emotional response was the difference to keep consistency and that is what wins tournaments.

Her experience is as varied as her clients and students as collapsing fears/phobias can range from being fearful to take a chance on yourself to actually getting pregnant and giving birth. Working with many creative in Hollywood Patti has seen those who face dissolve their fears in either pre-audition nerves to performance anxiety live the life they dreamed of. She has worked with many prominent directors and writer’s overcome self-depreciation to self-sabotaging behaviors or issues before they mess it all up.

As for limitations in areas of public speaking for those in business to those starting their ventures Patti removes the obstacles leaving you with no excuses left but your own procrastination that can underlies ancestral inherited believes of unworthiness and undeserving.

She has worked with our Veterans through Serve the Warrior and privately to collapse PTSD, or the fears of civil life and living their new dreams. Patti is very passionate in helping those overcome childhood abuse trauma as well as sexual trauma in adulthood with a fearless spirit that purges any beliefs a person may carry or hold from the trauma. She has mended many broken hearts that have found love again, given back hope were there was none, seen sobriety throw addiction and success through many that have thought they were losers.

More recently Patti was featured in the world famous documentary Heal facilitating Dynamic Tapping. She was inundated with emails asking her what she was doing differently by those currently using tapping. Her dynamic approach is the bases of { P A U  S E } inJOY as all humans are in the eternal game of playing hide and seek with themselves until the jig is up to move through what ever is being avoided. Until then, we seek out the comfortable and avoid the call of our soul.

It is difficult to pin point sometimes how you came in with something at a charge of ten and leave without feeling any charge. The ego does not want to let it go but in truth if you do not let it go the poison will eat you up and kill your spirit. One young woman could not remember a day she did not feel suicidal, three years on she does not have any of those thoughts but cant even imagine having them. Directly after a session some sleep for over twelve hours, while others journal for days. There is a spaciousness that can be adjusting at first but liberating once you step into the energy created that used to hold you back.

The Apex Problem is when someone is in such disbelief that something could work to quickly and effectively they sometimes disbelief it was actually as bad as they stated before. This is either the ego being incredibly suspicious in its nature which is the root cause for many or just an incredible amount of ingratitude for the work that was done by the practitioner. Either way it is a reflection of the person and an amazing opportunity for them to work on their gratitude that things can be easy and quick thus creating a new perspective and belief system.

Dynamic Tapping often works when nothing else will on issues such as fears/phobias (i.e. flying, heights, pre-audition nerves, public speaking), anxiety, anger, depression, PTSD, ADD, back-pain, migraines, headaches, diabetes, abuse, weight loss, addiction and sports performance to name only a few. It is a form of psychological acupuncture except we don’t use needles. Instead, key acupressure points are stimulated by tapping with the fingertips while tuning-in to the physical pain or emotional issue, thus, neutralizing its intensity without re-living traumatic events.

Imagine your fear of success melting as you believe that your deserving is possible. Imagine having no fear of rejection as you forge forward in your career as an actor. Imagine having no anxiety as you deliver a public address in your workplace that allows others to notice your valued opinion. Imagine having no anger towards that person who did you wrong ten years ago that keeps you in the negative vibration of your problems. Imagine having no fear of abundance. Imagine having no regrets of how you have lived your life thus far. Imagine being free to be you.

As Dynamic Tapping is part of { P A U S E } inJOY understanding being willing to own and admit ones own belief systems, limitations, inherited beliefs, self-depreciation, unworthiness to self-sabotage is a process of undoing.

Prior to the Dynamic Tapping session an initial unpacking, laying-out your blueprint together in this extensive email exchange allows for you to prepare of going there in the session. This dynamic process can have a spectrum of emotions with many realizations, be triggering and also liberating but gives you an idea of where we will be going in the session. The dynamic part of this tapping process is in this process that is working together rather than feeling ambushed in the session as i am engaging the subconscious.

A Dynamic Tapping session bypasses the rational mind through honoring the truth of your pain, sadness, rage, fears, frustrations or scarcity that lies within the subconscious. When we pay tribute to how we actually feel the immense sense of relief the physical body receives from our admittance in speaking our truth rather than coating the pain through denial, excuses or blame.

Patti tunes in to your own energetic field working with your own openness to aspects by gently tapping on your body’s energy system around key points on the face, shoulder and fingers. Expect moments of release through finding more space to breath, crying, more mindfulness, less fogginess and a sense of lightness from the heavy aspects you have been carrying for years if not decades.

Once we have successfully collapsed the trigger or charge you will feel clearer, lighter while others feel seen and heard for the first time in there life. The unbelievable joy found in releasing old garbage, pain, suffering, guilt and shame is difficult to describe as it can take a few weeks to calibrate to this new sense of freedom and space in your head.