A { P A U S E } inJOY Reiki session is like nothing you will have experienced before. Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be lying on a massage table for the duration of the session. Depending on how you process energy you may experience hot and,or cold sensations of energy moving through your body or in specific areas. Some participants who are comfortable with astral projection leave their body while in a treatment to travel into other realms of consciousness needed to heal. Others may experience colors, or profound images during the session that are deciphered later into your consciousness for you to make the changes or integrate the shifts that occurred into daily life choices The empirical distinction between the manner in which Reiki treats a blockage before it has manifested into dis-ease within the physical body and the way dis-ease is treated after it is manifested in the West. Medical studies have shown recipients’ Reiki results being, or having:

A nurse at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Emergency Department in Los Angeles completed Pause in Joy Level II and a Masters of Science as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner simultaneously. The nurse’s project as part of the Masters program was presented on Reiki, and the following is from their research papers based on meta-analysis of earlier published studies that stated, “A Reiki treatment is said to stimulate the immune system. It has been documented to increase the humoral immunological functioning, as it was found to increase circulating immunoglobulin A (IgA). The mechanisms for these immune findings are not completely understood and have not been theoretically developed as of yet.” Exc. from Pause in Joy Level I Book.

Physical Preparation for session: Ensure a good night’s sleep. Wear comfortable attire, any memories you have that resurface you have not thought of in years please email to Patti or discuss. Please eat lightly and bring a large bottle of water (preferably w/electrolytes) to drink post-session. When we let go of old belief systems, limitations or break through realizations the pineal gland can dehydrate more rapidly which causes headaches and allergies.

How many sessions are needed? Depending on the severity of your condition and stress levels Patti will make that recommendation individually but if she feels you need to be doing daily sessions on yourself she will suggest being attuned to Pause inJOY Level I to self-administer. Reiki is not only working physically but on your emotions to your own spiritual connection that has been dropped, severed or weak due to traumas or stress. As Patti is a channel for Spiritual Conscious Energy she creates a safe space for that energy to guide you not only in the session but after.

Pre-Session Once your session time is booked participants go through a gamut of emotions from excitement to fear and this is normal so do please notice how you are reacting. Patti creates an energetic safe space for you to melt into the table and memory foam embedded with energy.

The Session The session can be deeply relaxing as the brain waves go from alpha to delta for some participants. Some even feel a comforting sense of energetic suspension of everything in their mind put on pause as they melt into their body fully and sometimes for the first time ever.

Remote Session Zoom Please find the most comfortable and undisturbed area in your home. This is usually your bedroom for most, set up your area with your own connection to create a sacred space. Perhaps this is having one of your favorite crystals, a candle and please have a blanket as the body temperature can fluctuate during the session in different areas. The zoom link will be sent prior, if you are new to zoom please test with a friend or family. You will first get comfortable on your back as Patti will guide you through a mental scanning of your body, a some deep breaths and a total relaxation.

All appointments must be scheduled by same person participating in the session unless incapacitated, in hospice or under 18.

Email here to Book a Session