October 31, 2021 @ 5:55 pm – 7:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
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screen-shot-2021-10-01-at-12-19-49-amSamhain, or Samhuinn a Gaelic Celtic festival, is my favorite, not unlike El Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, and equally difficult to eradicate. Many of those festivals honoring the ancestors and the dead were built around community Spirit,  Nature, Seasonal changes, and harvests. Rather than early Christianity trying to remove them, they absorbed them into their own festivals like we see with All Souls and Saints Day. Samhain is the origin of All Hallows Eve, Halloween, when the veil is said to be thin and Spirits, ancestors, or Hungry Ghosts walk in this world, thus the need to guise and mumming to trick the malevolence from our door. This was a time of blessing the last of the harvest and asking Nature to see you through Winter.

We will welcome your ancestors who have loved you for all time. They will bring high protection for your journey ahead and maybe a message or two. Not in their wildest dreams could they imagine the freedoms,  and liberties afforded to them as they endured wars, famines, starvation, disease, oppression, and much hardship, sometimes only living a few decades. The ghosts in our genome are those ancestors sharing resilience, tenacity, boldness, pioneering spirit, and grit through an energetic trans-generational wisp whispering in the marrow of your bones. Our epigenetic inheritance from our ancestor’s experiences can influence future generations including you. This is your moment to cast off the pains, suffering, and paralysis that lie within you, known or unknown. Maybe it is holding you back from being what they could only imagine in their wildest dreams but bubbling up within you to be that NOW, in their memory.

The obstacles and limitations they faced that we do not think apply to us in these times are always so easily transferred as the fear of standing out in the 1700s is the same in 2023. The need to emotionally tranquilize not being enough through the ages has been different poisons, yet the same underlying self-diminishing and disconnection we need not endure. As we identify the inherited beliefs and traumatic environments,  and clear the stories passed down through intergenerational blockages and traumas that can trap us in the unknown smallness of our soul – we will set ourselves free along with theirs as you are the one they are waiting for.

Sometimes, we do not realize the limitations, proclivities, and behaviors are not our own but passed down for us to clear and clean as we are the relations they were waiting for. This is our time to honor our ancestors, love them, allow them to come to us, help us to encourage us, and give us the wisdom we need to move forward in our lives. What obstacles or limitations did they face that we cannot fathom,  what famines, wars, and holocausts did they endure for you to be here right now?  Our closing ceremony will be a deep inter-dimensional meditation for our ancestors to be present, to be able to receive the gifts and talents that they may not have realized, may have been stolen from them, or unknown to their times due to systems of oppression benefiting the few and enslaving the many. A preparation email will be sent out to those attending, please return no later than 29th October at noon.

– Opening the gateway to all ancestors dancing in the light that loves us from all times

– Creating a sacred space to receive our own unique Divine message from the Spirit that pours into our hearts

– Moving through any blockages inherited through Dynamic Tapping for collective emancipation from any limitations or traumas within our epigenetics
– Hearing the call that may be ignored due to fears of duplicating in this lifetimes from ancestor imprinting.

– Closing the Divine Circle but allowing any and all integration through Samhain to Nov 2nd setting a personal ritual to carry forward. 

Grab your favorite whiskey to pour a libation as the Gaelic word for whiskey is Uisge beath, the water of life, and maybe a wee nip for yourself or pour into the earth where they are beneath our feet. Please bring photos of your kin, symbols, and lineage documents that you wish to represent their presence