“I have been blessed to learn so much from Patti and her wisdom. It has been a magical journey ever since I first met up with her for tea and I’ve been gifted with so much under her tutelage. She has taught me the importance to stop pretending that we are the ones that are always right, that our past is relevant to our future, and that there is a million excuses not to go all the way with our passions. She showed me the importance of clarity, in which I could utilize my patience when a fear comes out or when I find a road block because now I have the knowledge and tools to get rid of it.

This awakening has helped me find balance to control my ego and not the other way around, so I can be joyful in the NOW and accept where I am in the present moment. Although it was an emotional and dark time when the universe brought me to her, I wouldn’t change a thing because I have gained so much knowledge. Thanks to her guidance it feels like I’ve overcome any suffering I have ever endured!”

-Davi Lorenzo