“My journey was a long one, but certainly couldn’t have progressed without Patti’s assistance and guidance. I was told about Emotional Freedom Technique by an ex-boyfriend’s father, who also practiced it, and after years of using traditional forms of therapy and psychiatric medicine, I still found myself in a hospital, crushed and defeated by Post-Traumatic Stress, and thats when I got his number off my cell, called him from the land line, and asked, “What is EFT again?”

That is how I manifested Patti in my life. I was a mess, repressing memories from my childhood that were rotting me away internally and my relationships externally. I had reached a point where I knew that living was my only option, and that I had to make my life a place I liked living.

My first session of EFT with Patti was so intense. I gave her the usual speech I gave to every therapist I’d ever had – My boyfriends all cheat on me. I can’t hold down a job I like, nor have I been able to get through school. I’m miserable. I feel hopeless. Etc. And she listened, and at last was able to drag out what no other therapist or psychiatrist ever had before, by simple holding me accountable and asking me,

“What are you not telling me about this? It’s eating you alive.”

I wept – really and truly WEPT. And for the first time in my life, I was able to talk about all the things I had never been able to find my voice to say. She saw through me, and saw my pain. Amanda Palmer says in her book “The Art Of Asking,” that being truly understood, and SEEN (not simply looked at) is our most important need as human beings.Patti saw me. She understood me in a way no one had ever even attempted to do so. She is on a whole different level, and I wish I could describe it better than that. I left that day feeling like a new person. Truly new, like I’d never felt before. And that day was where my journey began.

It’s been four years since all that, and my life has completely transformed. Thanks to Patti, I am no longer simply a victim of my circumstances, nor am I a passive observer in my life. I have reminded myself of the power I’ve forgotten I had, and am certified for Reiki I and II now, and own a dog walking business in beautiful San Diego, as well as feeling empowered to pursue my passions, such as sailing, writing, and art. I have been slowly working towards a captain’s license and a BA in English. My relationships are strong and healthy, and my newly reclaimed self-worth draws wonderful people into my life. What’s more is that I am no longer content to simply pause in my OWN joy, but I feel compelled to share it with others, doing EFT and Reiki on people and pets alike.

Thank you, Patti. I firmly believe you gave me the insight which saved my life, and changed it for the better. I look forward to captaining our sailing trip to Hawaii soon!”

-Kristen Mohamed
Owner/Operator of Walkies San Diego