“At first I was apprehensive about having Reiki for the first time almost a year ago – but I definitely needed it. I was stressed out from many areas in my life as well as jetlagged from the constant traveling between the UK and the US. However, you totally put me at ease and helped me re-balance my life over a few Reiki sessions. You made me feel comfortable and relaxed as well as helping me get more energy. I truly believe my life path is on the road to being healed. … I had never considered learning Reiki until recently – but I am so glad that I did the Reiki I Attunement. It helped me understand not just how Reiki works but how energy works within yourself and the universe. You were a great teacher – generous, definitely patient!! And also great fun to learn from. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me.”

-Nicola Pittam