I was first referred to Patti for EFT to help get through a traumatic break-up.  After 3 sessions, I felt so freed, so relieved of pain, pain that probably would have taken three years of therapy to get through.  I felt so empowered and decided to commit to learning about the energy and Reiki work.  I saw immediately that this was life changing work and was inspired to take my life into my own hands.  Patti helped me see that I carried with me a self-sabotaging belief system that I was just a leaf blowing through the winds of life, that I had no control over anything that was happening, that the sadness and anxiety I had carried since childhood was my reality and my cross to bear. 
This was 4 years ago.  I have now gone through my Reiki II and have become an active member of this incredible Pause in Joy community; a community of people who are conscious creators and compassionate humans. 

I have had a transformational three years in my career, finally taking my life dream of filmmaking and acting into my own hands.  I recently produced my first film, which has now screened all over the world and am shooting a film this summer with one of my dream directors.  When I finally owned my own power, I no longer had to wait to be handed jobs or roles.  I have stories that I want to share and I now know that the only person I need to manifest this is myself.  That is a mind-blowing shift and I am so deeply grateful to the guidance and work I am doing with Patti as I awaken to the magic that is available to us when we take action, tap-in and allow.

In my personal life, exactly 2 months after doing Reiki I, my soul-mate and partner entered my life.  I had been dating casually and mostly single for almost three years and was really longing for a true partner.  Once I voiced and rejoiced in this desire, my protective shield came down and I was finally open to a true, healthy and ecstatic relationship.  This was 2 years ago and it has been the most easeful, solid, joyful partnership I have every experienced.  It is even bigger and better than anything I had hoped and dreamed and we continue to evolve and grow together each day.

Patti is not a coddler or hand-holder, she is tough, honest and frank.  She says the things we already know inside, but are afraid to admit to ourselves. She is an incredible mentor who endows us with the tools we need to tap in to our own power anywhere, anytime.  If I feel sad, I know I need to reiki myself.  I am tired, how about doing some mantra?  I hold the power to my own wellness and joy and this is the most invaluable lesson of life.  Thank you Patti!!!

-Lisa Cirincione