I’m truly starting to understand the meaning of “Follow your bliss.” Patti Penn has been my guardian angel and helps me to continue to follow my bliss. She helped me awaken to it in a way that has changed my life so drastically in the course of only a year. It blows my mind time and time again when I reflect upon where I was and where I am now. She is constant in her illuminating light and love that enriches my life every single day. After starting Reiki 1 I noticed that I simply could not ignore the full truth anymore. Once I began to see more truth, I couldn’t un-know it. I was a big hider, a big delayer and was using coping mechanisms that weren’t serving me anymore, especially not serving my creativity. Patti is so refreshing because there aren’t any rules! It’s up to you if you want to do the work and in that she emanates true, unconditional love while not sugarcoating the truth. I feel so much more confident and empowered and excited for my dreams to be realized. My voice is no longer a whisper. I have learned and been learning so much about that through working with Patti. She is a force and a blessing. I love you.

-Ali Blake