Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 30

Playing represents the playful nature of the Universe when we trust and let go of inhibitions.  The skill of the cellist playing the high cosmic vibrations sends her into a rapture of ecstatic creativity.  Her intense pleasure lost in a moment of duende as the otherworldly sounds and vibrations captivates both her and the viewer.

The formless and the form unite as the cosmic forces spiral through the Milky Way pulling her close in their co-creating of utter abandonment. Shakti plays with an Universal form unformed as she must let go, be seen, be known and be unveiled.

The Divine Feminine at play as she emerges as the great channel of all form, all intelligence and all creation.

Dimensions (in) : 48 x 30



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Dimensions 48 × 30 × 2 in