February 29, 2024 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
on zoom
Pause inJOY with Patti
The Biggest 2024 Dragon Leap @ on zoom

In 2011, our Book Club for the New York Times best-seller The Big Leap blow the roof off for many in their lives. In February 2020 our workshop set up so many in { P A U S E} inJOY for success, even though it was just the beginning of lockdown.

2024 our Leap Year is a Dragon year filled with opportunity, huge expansion on the horizon and abundance to be had. So, you have the entire month of February to re-read or listen to the Big Leap to get reacquainted with it’s themes but more importantly dismantling your UPPER LIMITS around success & abundance especially money. The lessons, insights and messages in this book will free-form our one of a kind workshop for your breakthroughs, your limitlessness making money, and joyful abundance.

But first your Upper limit Problem or as I like to call it the Invisible Mantra We Carry.

Please be considerate and read the book prior to the workshop as each person will be sent a questionnaire to fine-tune as we will use Dynamic Tapping to crash the unknown glass ceiling we will make known joyfully as well as discover some of the Invisible Mantras living inside our DNA.  This questionnaire will be sent mid-month and sent back 72 hours prior to the workshop.

Most people believe that it is only when they are ready or finally feel satisfied/content with their life that they receive the good news they’ve been waiting for, or find a healthy relationship, achieve personal dreams but it’s when you are not ready most of the time – so get ready to not be ready. The feeling of never being ready is also a buffering system you use to not deal with underlying negative emotions linked to subconscious beliefs able out good fortune like the shoe dropping, or you cant have the good without the bad.

We will expose the destructive saboteur so subtle with it’s behaviors, defense mechanisms and most of all waiting. No one tells you or talks openly about the feeling of joylessness when it happens, the feeling of being depressed, down, empty when good things begin to happen but this is the sabotage kicking in and we subconsciously know and don’t want to deal with it or don’t want to risk receiving, then messing up.Get ready as post Full Moon, all planets direct and we have lift off.

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