March 21, 2023 @ 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Everywhere on Zoom
Patti Penn
Spring Equinox : Magical Life Manifestation @ Everywhere on Zoom

Spring Equinox normally lands on 19, 20, 21 and obviously this year it is the 21st but it will not land on the 21st again until 2101. This moment feels so potent, so opportune and like the phoenix you will rise. Like all Spring Equinox’s it a time of rebirth from the death of Winter to rejuvenation and restoration of our minds, bodies and soul. The Soul’s alignment to your Abundance is what we will be tuning-in to and tapping the regions of our psyches that are dormant but ready to Spring forth this Equinox. We will be spending time sowing the seeds of your abundant garden to manifest in alignment with your Soul guidance. Overcoming the human minds littleness, limitations and most of all inability to receive.

This year Spring Equinox is the New Moon in Aries at zero degree. Ground zero, zero-point to be focused on the road ahead and staying in your own lane to create and have the courage to be more you than ever before. We will create the incubation for your mindset to thrive, to visioneer and align with the sprouting of these seeds we will be gathering. The Unknown must always be negotiated with as the mystery of your life must always unfold with you being in the dark so you dont interfere. Doors that you will walk through will be the ones that scare you the most as the old version of you, must be re-birthed anew.

Your choice to identify these ancestral, cultural, societal limitations imposed on you is now in your court. Sign Up to be the change in your family you wish to see. You will receive an email on sign up to fill out prior to workshop.

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