“I owe so much to Reiki. It is definitely part of the spiritual structure that keeps me rolling every day. Each night I send reiki to the day ahead, to the past when something didn’t go right, and to my worries or anything that I want to focus my intention on, from projects to people, from a conversation to be held to one that never happened. When I am out of battery I just say reiki please go where you need to go! I do it even when I’m not believing, even if my hands feel numb because by now I just know that it works. I have two kids and this is my spa time! It is an amazing vibrational tool that has helped me find my alignment and to cultivate it! Patti has been a great teacher, in person and from distance. She lives in a very high frequency, you will feel dizzy when you meet her. There is magnetism in that frequency; sour and sweet treats along the road and a constant mirror under your feet. My first experience with Patti wasn’t pretty: it was on the phone right after meeting her, with me begging for the long distance symbol attunement as my father was suddenly leaving this world during surgery, and far, far away from me physically. I had met Patti because I was going to need to learn from her and to do a lot of healing. But it didn’t stop then. It is not just about healing what this practice is about for me.. It is also about inner balance, trust, stillness, staying on the big picture, focusing on what works rather than what doesn’t, learning when to ask for help, conquering, more healing, and celebrating every step :
Thank you Patti.”

-Pia, New York