“Patti Penn is a healer’s healer! I first met Patti Penn as a Reiki client, having dragged myself to her during a period of sadness that left me bedridden. I entered her offices bone tired and left an hour later–kid you not—with enough energy to go to the gym. Not only was I no longer sad, I was elated. I’ve visited Patti for Reiki healings and EFT, and each time I’ve been stunned by the power and effectiveness of her work.

When you first meet Patti, you feel the intense energy emanating from her body. You take in her fierce gaze. I love her no nonsense style, her incredibly pragmatic approach to healing combined with a life study and experience of healing traditions. I’ve also studied Reiki I and II with Patti. She’s a strikingly transformative teacher. I feel fortunate to have learned from someone with so much spiritual connection, deep generosity, and integrity. I’ve recommended Patti to many friends and am thrilled to acknowledge Patti’s fearless work with individuals and with the communities she’s gathered together to create profound change in the world.”