About PiJoy

Pause in Joy, is a Healing Arts Center in the heart of Los Angeles focusing on shifting ENERGY within the MIND, BODY and SOUL using Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Yoga and Meditation. This extraordinary center was created in 2005 by Patti Penn in Los Angeles as a sanctuary of inspiration and pure possibility for those ready to be the GREATEST version they could be. Patti guides those willing to bridge the gap from who they think they are to who they think they want to be, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to dissolve self-imposed obstacles, fears and limitations holding you back in the present Patti activates students discernment to “know thyself” through a very unique Reiki Program. The combination of both energetic modalities gives students the ability to live a joy-filled rich life with spiritual integrity, flow, abundance and self love. The founder of Pause in Joy, Patti Penn has been one of Los Angeles’ leading advocates of EFT one-to-one and group events, working on issues from creativity blockages, sexual abuse, trauma, performance anxiety, weight-loss to Veterans with PTSD.

Pause in Joy’s Reiki certification to Masters is more of an inner hero’s journey activating the discernment to walk the walk of purpose and living your destiny. Each Reiki book expands the student’s consciousness, awakening awareness, uniting vibrational alignment with the self and encourages creative thinking for ALL desiring PRACTICAL TRANSFORMATION. This Reiki training is based on Mikao Usui’s original principles, “to achieve your own personal perfection” as students learn to untangling their energy from others, restoring their reserves to abundance and effortless CHANGE towards SELF-EMPOWERMENT. The community is rich with knowledge, support and joy for those SEEKERS wishing to become what they seek.

“Accept where you are at in life, but know where you are going.”

-Patti Penn, Founder of Pause in Joy